Home & Garden Expo - Texture Me True (aka The Ceremony)

Finally. Finally!
The doors were locked, the lights turned out
And the employees left for the evening.
They gathered silently
to affirm, and witness, love's vows.

I'm sharing some beautiful textures created by Texture Me True, available at the RFL Home & Garden Expo 2017. Designers, builders of small or large scale, and even bloggers will certainly be interested in these. I even used one of the textures on a wall as a backdrop.

Our world is made much more interesting with beautiful textures!

Texture Me True
(from left to right)
Summer Bloom clothing example
Summer Time in Japan DK clothing example
Florabunda clothing example
Bouquet Bright clothing example
Suit pinstriped clothing example
Wool striped suiting clothing example
Hazy Blooms clothing example

RFL Home & Garden Expo 2017 through June 4th !!
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More Store Info:
Texture Me True - Inworld

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