You Still Know How To Make Me Blush

Ooh, there you go again
Talking to me without saying a word
Dont know what it is
That you're doing when you're looking at me
Can't put my finger on it, just know I really want it
Never had, never had, never had
Someone that makes me feel like this

I'd go, like a race car or a pilot on the G5
I'd go, like a homerun or a crook that sees police lights

I wish I knew how you do it
When you do it to me, baby you take me through it
I lose control of myself
Boy you're something else

Boy when you're staring at me
You do something crazy to me
You're making me blush
Cant keep my swag together (blush)
Love it when you say, I'll make it better (blush)
You're making me (blush)
You're making me (blush)
You're making me (blush)
You're making me (blush)

Ooh, when you gaze at me
My body be about to burn up
You have your way with me
And baby boy that's unheard of
Cause I ain't never let nobody get that close
Of all the guys, you affect me the most
Never been, never been, never been
Looked at the way you look at me

                ~~ Blush, Girlicious


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