Jolie On the Runway

I decided to do a montage of the outfit this go-round, mostly for ease in posting on Facebook. I have also included the individual pics below. There's some fabulous newness included!

Bougie's release of the Jolie bodysuit can be found now at the PHAT Fashion Fair. Always remember, events and fairs are beneficial to designers because they generate the opportunity for more potential customers. As an incentive for us TO shop, there are discounts! This sexy outfit rocks. It's figure fitting for both classic and mesh avies with appliers, ever-so-lacy with more sheer sections to keep eyes on you. Shoulder pads are included but can be worn without. I think the pads yield are more haute couture look, don't you?

Mayfly eyes. Need I say more? I certainly can. But I would simply recommend that everyone hops over to the store to pick up a FREE pair to try. They're amazing. One day I'll count all the eye colors available but not today, too many, lol.

I'm showing off my Kishana Hair again by Poison Ivy. It's definitely a favorite style in my inventory, a trendy updo of glorious dreds. It is available in the InWorld store.

GFD (Gala Fashion Design) offers us this lovely necklace - My Leaves Chocker. There are different colors available. It's a trendy accessory, perfect for fall. It's also close to the neck, up out of the way and viewable with many fashions.

The shoes! The shoes! I love the shoes. You will too! These are ISOTTA Lace Sandals by EB Atelier. A back bow and lace add-on are included, which I'm wearing. There is also a color hud for lots of fashion versatility. Grab these and hug them all the way home.

Pulcino blesses us with these fabulous nails! These are named Double Indemnity. The textures are rich and eye-catching on these must-have huds. 

Also included is a peek at The Runway by Image Essentials which includes the poses I'm using and more. This wonderful pose-us-all! is available now at the Rock Your Rack event. The build is a model runway and quite fun to use. The backdrop comes red, but I edited to the jade green since I'm wearing red. ;)

Happy shopping! I will have more fashion, furniture and HALLOWEEN stuff coming up! Thanks for looking.


!BOUGIE! - InWorld  / Facebook
Marketplace:  Clothes & Shoes, -or- Tats & Makeup

*GFD* Gala Fashion Design - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
My Leaves Chocker Necklace

EB Atelier - InWorld / Website
ISOTTA Lace Sandals w/Bow (Slink High)

Poison Ivy - InWorld Marketplace
Kishana Hair

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Dark Turquoise)

Pulcino - InWorld / Website
Double Indemnity (Slink Nails)

Image Essentials - Inworld Marketplace
The Runway (Build w/Poses)