Liline by Belle Parisiennes

When I first put on Belle Parisiennes' dress, Liline, I was stunned into silence, and for several moments could only stare at it in wonder. What a fashion statement! Liline epitomizes timeless elegance and grace, with a more than healthy dose of beautiful fantasy.

ALL details of this gorgeous ensemble are intricate and well done. 

You may prefer to wear this gorgeous dress stripped of the stars and plumage. Two looks for the price of one! My partner and I went out dancing last night. He said this is the most beautiful dress he's ever seen me blog. He asked me to save it as his favorite evening gown. I did...very happily. :)

Liline is another wonderful release available at the SayCute! Event. This event has so many wonderful and varied styles, I strongly recommend you go to the event and see for yourself. It's impossible to describe fully, and worth your while! :)


 Belles Parisiennes - Liline Wedding Black
Mesh Dress, Prim Plume/Stars/Train Skirts,
Rose Attachments, Head Piece, Bouquet
SayCute! Event Now!

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