My Favorite Time of the Year

Have I mentioned yet how much I love Halloween? It might be because it's also my birthday! Spooky/fun goings on, treats, and frights! Hug the one you're with every time you get scared! Hmm, maybe that's why I like the holiday so much. ;)

Hey, there's a haunted house over there! Let's go check it out.

I think someone is following me. I hear someone, or someTHING, rustling! Run!


MINA Hair - Jacky

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Forest Green Shadow)

Whymsical Marketplace - InWorld / Marketplace
Boney Witch Halloween Skirt Overall
Includes Dracula's Bride Verona Appliers or Classic Black Top/Bottom

JK Style - InWorld / Marketplace / Website
Vixxen Boots
99Ls each for a Limited Time!!!

Persefona - InWorld Marketplace
Pearls Hairband "Cat" (yellows)
Pearls: Collar Back (yellows)

Eternal Dream Poses - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Survive or Die 01, 04