The Fortune Teller

It was getting dark. I walked a little faster. Suddenly, in the gloom of the valley below, I spied a little house. It seemed to beckon me closer and my legs obeyed.

Just as I drew near, a woman appeared then twirled toward me. She cried, "Come in!" I followed her, a little confused as to why I did so without question and what would happen.

She said "I am Isabeau, the great Fortune Teller. I will tell you your future!" I glanced around at my surroundings. A gypsy of some sort, indeed she was. But a fortune teller? I didn't believe in such things. Despite this, her eyes were compelling me. I stepped closer.

Isabeau stared at me, calculatingly. She commented, "Such wisdom comes for a price." I thought, of course. She said, "How much gold do you have?" Silently, I pulled my pockets inside out so she could see they were empty.

Her reaction was immediate.  "Out! Out of my house, you knave!" As I stumbled out the door, only then did I realize she had a snake nestled in her hair. Maybe that's why she was acting like such an ASP!


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