Salem Witch Memorial

I had a lot of fun taking these pics! This adorable Spider Witchy Dress is from Whymsical Marketplace. The spider webbing detail on a mesh overlay is great. The outfit comes with platform heels for Slink mid feet, and a witch's hat.

Just me, hangin' around. You know, like bored witches do...before they come up with more mischief or cast a spell. ;) This was with the help of a new set of Eternal Dream poses!

This is the Salem Witches Square, a wonderful build from Chez Moi! The set includes the fenced area, lanterned entryway with bushes, bare trees, two benches, three lurking ghosts, bats, cats, and a memorial statue. The build is roomy yet compact enough you should be able to find room to rez it. If you're like me, it's pretty much a must for the season.

I am wearing Mayfly Eyes and Zoz Nails. See credits below for these lovely accessories. Witches like stylish nails too.

My hair is Celine by Phoenix Hair.  I've blogged it before - HERE - this is a repeat since it worked so well with the hat. I really like this style with bangs. My previous post was also a Whymsical Marketplace creation. I like pairing the two!

There are lots of animations packed in the benches! Singles, laying, activities and couple poses. Even rezzables, like the pillow. I am realizing more and more the great work Chez Moi puts into their builds.

Here's a close-up of the memorial statue. Of course I pay homage to the "founding witch" while I'm here. Poor thing - at least she escaped the Inquisition and lived a long life.

Home sweet cemetery home for the evening.  Me and my ghost pals.

My shadow slowly stalks the ghost.  I might be able to make him jump when *I* say Boo!

This is a rezzable included with the benches. Witches like grapes. Want some?

Dawn will be here soon and the ghosts and I will vanish, to reappear when the moon is high.

Come along, my little friends. Let's keep out of sight of the daytime visitors.

Who forgot to tell the bats?


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Celine Hair

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Spider Witchy Mesh Dress, 
Witchy Heels (Slink Mid)
Witch Hat

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Bow Tie Fall - Black
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From the Survive or Die Collection

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Salem Witches Square