A Walk for Two

I was going to launch into further description of the credited items in this post. Then I ran across this poem, which brought me to tears. It can be taken two different ways; which do you think it is? I know which way I'd like it to be.

As the weather gets colder, please, remember to bring your pets inside, and love them, as much as they love you. Check local shelters when you're considering new pets. If you can't keep a pet, volunteer or donate. Pets and wildlife depend on US in the world of our making today.

My Shelter Days are numbered ten.
Ten more days until my end.

My Shelter Days are numbered eight.
Please adopt me. Change my fate.

My Shelter Days are numbered six.
Adopt a pet week, still no one's pick.

My Shelter Days are numbered four.
Four more days and then no more.

My Shelter Days are numbered two.
Someone will take me, I just don't know who.

My Shelter Days are numbered none.
I know I'm finished, then you come.

My Shelter Days are over, done,
Because you, my master, took me home.

The Final Countdown~~by Courtney Bailey,


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