Fa La La La La

"Deck the halls with bows of holly, fa la la la la, la la la, laaaaaaaaaaaaa." Hold your ears, we're caroling loudly and with enthusiasm! :p

I'm wearing a figuring fittingly elegant gown by Shoenique Designs, called Hope. I hope you can find it during the Peace on Earth Hunt at the store, and it will be yours as a free gift! I have always loved Shoenique Designs, so fun to shop there and see all that wonderful creations. The hunt hint and more info is located below.

Atop my head is a lovely hairstyle by Fiore, offered now at the Hairology Event! Easily sleek and chic, but will blend straight into casual wear, this ponytail will serve you beautifully.

Chez Moi has been hard at work! I think the elves lent a hand with so many lovely builds in time for Christmas. Sshhh, Santa doesn't know they moonlight. This is Cozy Christmas and I can attest to its coziness! 

To start our carroling, we tapped the star on the Christmas tree and a music menu displayed! There are animation menus and props everywhere. I just adore how Chez Moi brings our SL lives to life, with activities, and touches to share with friends and loved ones. Most definitely a cozy grouping.

Kitty is all worn out and claimed our wrap box as the perfect nap spot. I guess we'll have to wait to continue our wrapping until she wakes up! Or, maybe it's best to continue now so she won't tear into the paper and bows. We can decide in a bit, this is way too cozy to think of anything else.

Mistletoe and animation compliments of Chez Moi, via the fireplace! I'm really enjoying this pose. Turning the camera away now....


Hair: Fiore - Sandra
Hairology Now !!!

Shoenique Designs - Hope Gown - POE8 Hunt
Includes Flexis & Scarf
Hint: "Just Applier to your Slinks."
More Hunt Info HERE

* CHEZ MOI FURNITURES * - InWorld Website / Facebook
Cozy Christmas
Tree, Fireplace, Wrap Station, Rug, Armchairs
(and sleeping kitty)

Partner currently not for sale.