Fresh And New Again With You

Loving you is easy, loving you is wondrous and pure
I shout it from the roof tops
How long must I wait 'til I see your smile

Might of been the moonlight
Caught up in the sparkle in your eyes
So we gotta know I should go slow
But it's not in me to wait

'Cause I'm alive I'm on fire
Shine like a star burst into the sky

Oh the fury of desire
You burn so bright electrify
You light me up you take me higher

I've been down a long road
And I've become a stranger to myself
Digging in my heels and hoping time
Might be kinder if I wait it out

Nothing came from wondering
And I became so small and insecure
Didn't know the cost of all I lost
Until I found it fresh and new
(Again with you)

And I'm on fire
Shine like a star burst into the sky

                     ~~ Loving You Is Easy, Sarah McLachlan


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