I Gotta Break This Bad Habit

I told myself that I would make some changes
But the more I change there's one thing that remains the same
I can't seem to shake ya
You seem to really have a hold on me
And every time that we break up
We turn around and make up
This can't go on now
I gotta move on now
It's not the fact that I don't love you no more
But I gotta break this bad habit
Can't take this bad habit no more

                      ~~ Bad Habit, Destiny's Child

Okay, I'm a mess!  I had some unannounced things going on in RL this month: we lost my husband's uncle, felled by an infection and shockingly quick death.  So, the funeral of a very dear, robust man we will miss terribly.  I've been tired, no doubt from the loss and surrounding activities.  But then - smaller on the scale, but really annoying - my internet is on and off while they update the infrastructure in our area.  So my ability to use my expensive, slow internet is sketchy throughout this week.  Fun, fun.  Knowing the service, it will probably be longer.  I blog a lot, and one little crack in my RL schedule throws my blogging off.  But I was able to log in tonight!

My darling *LX* Essentials Vanessa top is/was at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair; however, this is the last evening for the event.  If you missed picking it up at the event, look for it in the store soon, it's just too cute and versatile not to work it's way into your inventory. ;)

My jewelry is by Elle Boutique; the set is Ray. It can be found at Enchantment - you really must check out this event if you haven't been yet, for this and all the other wonderful items!  My Seven hair and Honey Booty Shorts are cuties at Sn@tch.  I really like this hairstyle, great for showing off jewelry and doesn't weave its way into clothing.  Now the pose!  It's an awesome new release by Secret Poses, called Waiting, and it's available at Backdrop City.  This set includes the table, bottle, ashtray, pack, and cigarette and wine glass attachable props.  Notice the bento hand positioning, excellent work!

Bear with me while I spaz out and try to catch up on blog work.  Have I ever mentioned I also work full-time?  Yes, I'm crazy.  Happy shopping!


 :::Sn@tch::: - Seven Hair
Honey Booty Shorts Previously Blogged HERE
 ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

Elle Boutique - Ray Necklace/Earrings
@ Enchantment until August 31st
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:
100% Original Mesh Designs

*LX* Essentials - Vanessa Top
100% Original Mesh/Textures
Mesh Body Addicts Fair until August 21st
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

Secret Poses - Waiting, Pose 2 (Bento Poses/Props)
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

Catwa Catya Bento Head/Rigged Eyes
Maitreya Lara Body/Hands-Bento

Mesh Plants - Hibiscus

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