Electrifying Image Stuck Inside My Brain

Can you see the writing
Can you see the lines
See it lookin' at me
Eye within an eye
Visions of the future
Armageddon bomb
Serpent in a coil
Around the flaming sun
Can I get a little help
Can I get a little time
Cause I can't seem to get away
See it lookin' at me
When I close my eyes
I just wanna get some sleep
But it happens every time
Electrifying image
Stuck inside my brain
Ain't no doctor
In this town
That can make it go away
I just need a little help
I just need a little time
Demented power
Control and decontrol
Sick and distorted
Rulers of the world
Majestic visions
Drinking chemicals
Everybody's lifeless
Brainwashed by the drone

            ~~ Eye, Witch

Yes, I have VERY eclectic music tastes.


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