Let's Dance The Night Away

Now that you are here with me
Baby, let's do it right
Lady, you know just what I need
I want to hold you, oh, so tight

Baby, just touch me anywhere
Cutie, you turn me on, ooh, baby
I'd like to run my fingers through your hair
So come on and stay with me all night

I wanna rock wit'cha, baby
All night long
I wanna roll wit'cha, lady
feeling's so strong
I wanna rock wit'cha, baby
All night long
Rock and roll and roll and rock
Makin' sweet love, don't you ever stop

No, sweet baby

I want a little music now
Let's hear some Marvin Gaye, ooh
Ooh, let me rub your shoulders down
Let's dance the night away

               ~~ Rock Wit'cha, Bobby Brown


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