Star In Your Own Fairy Tale - Enchantment

As everyone knows, Snow White was well educated, having grown up in a castle.  When she fled she was able to bring with her several books and her favorite music box.  She often liked to swing and read fairy tales, with the company of her bird.  Little did she know, she would soon become the star of a fairy tale herself!  Don't eat the apple, Snow White! Drop it, drop it now!

Visit this round of the Enchantment Event to create your own fairy tale.  Happy shopping!


Whymsical Marketplace - Snow White Maiden Hair/Gown
A Maiden's Glory Rose Crown (Hunt Gift)
Enchantment until December 3rd

{Your Dreams} - Fairy Swing - Fall 2
Enchantment until December 3rd

 Rivendale ~ Juniper Bird
Enchantment until December 3rd

andika - [Snow White] Bento Pose Stand w/Apple Prop
Enchantment until December 3rd

3rd Eye Perceptions - Grimm Music Box ( Hansel & Gretel )
Grimm Storys Book 2, Grimm Storys Book 3
Enchantment until December 3rd

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Event Info:
More Info on HUNT
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*Spicy* - Chloe skin applier (Genus)
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More Store Info:

GENUS Project - Genus Bento Head Classic Face W001 - Mocap

Maitreya Lara Body/Hands-Bento/Feet

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