The Curse Of Being A Girl

You pretend that you're alright
The worst noise
Is when you are keeping quiet
You say you're not that kind of girl
Who will dramatize or traumatize

Don't fold your hands
Don't hold your tongue
The other girls will try
To prove you wrong
Their words will toss you like a storm
But you can't step aside, you can't resign

It's just the curse of being a girl
You must hold your head up high
And be aware that
You're the purest pearl
And shoot their reflections
Back in their eyes

You're reaching out to grab his hand
But he must be the world's most tired man
Acerbic in his compliments
If he sees it all
Your new shoes and all

It should be unforgettable
The cloudy sky should be convertible
And then we end in this smokey hole
Full of concubines
And replicants

It's just the curse of being a girl
You can hardly make the change
Look around
It's more than half the world
Who must go through
That same rage 

            ~~ The Curse Of Being A Girl, Kashmir


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