Don't Leave Even One Drop

Dim all the lights sweet darling
Cause tonight it's all the way, hey baby
Turn up the old victrola
Gonna dance the night away

Love don't come easy
This you know I understand
Want to be your woman
If you'll be my man
Let yourself go freely and I'll
Show you things that you've dreamed of
Don't think that you're dreaming
We've found the perfect love
And I'm like a cup come fill me up

Do what you want
You can use me all up
Take me bottom to top
Don't leave even one drop

                ~~ Dim All The Lights, Donna Summer


[[ Masoom ]] - Vivien Outfit
Access Event until October 7th
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100% Original Mesh & Textures

Image Essentials - To Us Couples Pose
w/Mesh Sofa and Rezzing Props
Exclusive 300Ls @ Twe12ve until September 30th
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Salacity Creations - Harper Avenue Bar Cabinet/Props
Blueprint Home & Garden Event through October 12th
+ Laura Round Rug
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Z.O.E. (Zanne's Odds & Ends) - Fall Pumpkin & Urn Decor
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Hayabusa Design - Pecan Tree - Pacanier


MINA Hair - Frankie

Izzie's - Baby Hairs V2 Hairbase

RealEvil Industries - Simone Bow Collar

GENUS Project - Genus Bento Head v1.1 - Mocap

Pink Fuel - Morgana Logo/Omega Applier
+ Fresh Lip Tints

Maitreya Lara Body/Hands-Bento/Feet


Phils Long Sleeve Shirt
Jackson Slacks
Multi-Fits, Texture Huds

Hair - -FABIA- Mark

His Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - JUDAS Omega Head/Body Appliers (Caramel)

His (Bento) Head & Body - Absolut Creation - ADAM

Location - My Home

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