Open Door For You To Come Back

If I don't fall apart
Will my memory stay clear?
So you had to go
And I had to remain here
But the strangest thing to date
So far away and yet you feel so close
I'm not going to question it any other way
It must be an open door for you
To come back

And the days they linger on, yeah
Every night I'm waiting for
The real possibility that I may meet you in my dreams
Sometimes you're there and you're talking back to me
Come the morning I could swear you're next to me
And it's ok

It's ok, it's ok

I'll be here
Come back, come back
I'll be here
Come back, come back

                  ~~ Come Back, Pearl Jam


irrISIStible - Purple Dia De Los Muertos
Complete Outfit

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Swank - September
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Persefona Fairy Butterflies 2

*PosESioN* - Star 9

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