That Mistress Of Mine

She's there like the heat, she dances like the fireflies
I'm torn like the wind, there's magic in her eyes...
I'm a slave to her love, I'm fooled by her disgui-ise
That mistress of mi-ine, that mistress of mine

She turns like the tide and takes me where I've never been
There's peace at her side, she's a lady and a gypsy quee-een
I'm caught by her spell, sometimes I wish I'd never see-een
That mistress of mi-ine, that mistress of mine

So I say to myself, it's no good being left in the co-old
It's no fun to be out on a she-e-elf
And so sad to be lonely when your old
But I'll never give in, I accept the way that she lives
But could I ever start agai-ai-ain
If I cease to share the love that she gives
That mistress of mi-ine

              ~~ Mistress of Mine, Little River Band


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