Home Is My Happy Place

"Home is my happy place."  I noticed that quote and thought what a wonderful thing!  Home can be a place of comfort, a place to just hang or hide-out, a place to crash...but for it to be your happy place?  Must be a great home!  Visit the Boardwalk Event in Second Life.  Open for its 4th Round, this event is THE place to find furnishings and decor for YOUR happy place.  They don't all look alike.


Eclectic - Scandi Mirror
Boardwalk Event until June15th

 StoraxTree - Paris Patio Set
Boardwalk Event until June15th

EED - Potted Hibiscus Yellow
Boardwalk Event until June15th

Candle and Cauldron - Sorcerer's Fountain w/Seasonal Hud
Boardwalk Event until June15th

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The Boardwalk Event
May 15th until June 15th
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Serenity Style - La Dolce Vita Patio

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