Respite At Water's Edge

Create your own little respite on the water's edge, for soul reflection or intimate time with a loved one.  At the Boardwalk Event, you will find the Sweet Escape Hut by [GenerationX].  This is SO attractive and great animations are included.  The water lilies by KiX are interesting as well.  Hop on and animate!  The lovely tulips by Lynns Flowers & Gifts can also be found at the event; I've said before we can never have enough flowers in our real or virtual worlds.

Happy shopping!


[Generation X] - Sweet Escape Hut (Light) - Adult
2 maturity levels, dark version also available
Boardwalk Event until June 15th

KiX - Water Lily
Adult MF, PG MF, Adult Lesbian and PG Lesbian
50% off during event
Boardwalk Event until June 15th

Lynns Flowers & Gifts - All Seasons - Tulips 2
Varied texture packs available
 Boardwalk Event until June 15th

* * * * * *
The Boardwalk Event
May 15th until June 15th
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* * * * * *

Raindale - Meadow grass  ~ spring cool

+Half-Deer+ - Indoor Lighted Trees

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