Exit To Eden - Pleasure Compound

I think I just pulled off the most G-rated BDSM photo ever.  And solo, no less.  ;)  Remember Exit to Eden?  I love that half funny/half sexy little movie.  It's one of my "guilty pleasures."  The book is subject-sexy and quite a page turner.  They couldn't figure out how to adapt a film version mainstream so voila, let's add a comedic aspect with some big names.  I didn't mind, the idea and cute main couple components are still there, along WITH the giggles.

Shop the Boardwalk event to create your own romantic area, with or without BDSM roleplay.  The animations, texture changes, rezzables, structures and decor with these items are wonderful!  For further consideration, the event does have a demo area.

Happy shopping!


-{ Lalou }- Sub Pole

Short Leash - At Your Service Chair

KiX - Flower Cushions

~DsR~ The BDSM Picnic

Kozy Korner - Outdoor Adult Shower

Salacity - Patio Pergola Set

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The Boardwalk Event
July 15th until August 15th
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HRH_Climbing dog-Roses - Multicolor

Stealthic - Willow Hair, w/Bangs (Sold Separately)
MOoH! - Beaded Bikini
Amara Beauty - Bella GENUS #12 @ Epiphany
GENUS Project - Genus Bento Head BABY Face
Maitreya Lara Body/Hands-Bento/Feet

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