MadPea's Pet Lovers Fair - That Monkey's Gonna Monkey Around

So your friends have been telling you I'm out of my mind 
Acting awful wild and weird 
Shoutin' and screechin', bouncing off the walls 
Swingin' from the chandelier 
Yeah, I've been running through the neon jungle 
Chasing every woman in town 
When you make a man into a monkey 
That monkey's gonna monkey around 

Wait until you see my new girlfriend 
I picked her up down at the zoo 
She's got rings in her nose, glitter on her toes 
And a very well placed tattoo 
Now that I've been up on the highwire 
You ain't never gonna get me down 
You made a man into a monkey 
Now the monkey's gonna monkey around 

Once you had me dancin' at the end of your chain 
Begging for some small change love 
I was jumpin' through hoops, doing loop-de-loops 
But, girl, I've finally had enough 

So when you see me out rocking in my little red hat 
Going ape all over town 
You made a man into a monkey 
That monkey's gonna monkey around

                    ~~ Monkey Around, Delbert McClinton


Yasum Designs - Dahlia Bikini & Blouse (Maitreya) w/Texture Huds
with Bugsta! (Rigged) - Inc. Static/Static Chatter Versions

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June 30th - July 20th
No photo description available.
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{Limerence} - Grace hair - Summer Memories Gacha @ LOOTBOX
Elle Boutique - Wren Necklaces
*YS&YS* - Maria Applier/Skin (Genus)
GENUS Project - Genus Bento Head BABY Face
Maitreya Lara Body/Hands-Bento/Feet

SEmotion - Pose Set 55, SEModeling 531
Foxcity -  Photo Booth - Escape (With window light)

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