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I am pleased as punch...I mean, pink...to share with you these lovely items! Let's start from the top. My hair accessory is by !It! This is a pretty wreath called Lilac Passion. Lilac Passion and other lovely colors are part of the YouGatcha Event ongoing now.

My necklace and rings are also by !It! and you'll find the Enchanted Rose Rings and Roselle Necklace at Swank! My goodness, you're just all over the place, aren't you, !It!?? I only have one thing to say about that...yay!! How many exclamation points have I already used, lol.

This hairstyle is Laila by Phoenix Hair! Isn't she marvelous? Laila flows over the left shoulder, beautiful tresses created at just the right angle for chest appreciation. Wink. Further, Laila comes in rigged mesh, fitted mesh and breast size fits to make her part of you in the prettiest of ways. This hairstyle by Phoenix Hair is available now at the Hairology Event!

Beautiful Mayfly Eyes. I often just add "nuff said" here, because if you've tried them, you love them. The hud features and customization are outstanding. Pick up a pair of free eyes to try them, and remember, the free pair is not a demo, they are absolutely wearable and fully functioning! (Then go crazy with the group gift eyes, and 60L sale eyes, then stare in awe of the WALLS of eyes...but I digress.)

My pink top is called Sonia, an original mesh design by Slipper Originals! Sonia comes in standard mesh, Physique and Hourglass sizing. I am wearing my Physique body and it fits me like a glove. Very curve hugging, wink. The "collar" is of matching material and color, and connects to the body of the tank in the back with a single strap in the middle. This would be fabulous to show off some tattoos and hit the clubs! Designer's note of caution: this particular design will not work with Maitreya bodies due to the high neck piece. You are forewarned, darlings, most of SO's designs DO happen to work with Maitreya, but not this one. Dearest Maitreya: will you please send Slipper Originals a kit?

My Snow Jeans LQM by Redgrave are actually the first fitted (liquid) mesh item I ever bought. I still wear them!

Oh now...what is this? More !It!??? Yes! These are the matching Roselle Earrings! My hair covered them up, so...looking around to make sure no one is peeping....I slipped off my hair so you can see them. They wear as triple posts, and so darling!

My heels are EXODUS by KC Couture. These are boots with cute ties in the back. Nodding. I like 'em, had to have 'em. Considering just handing over lindens to KC Couture at the first of every month. Really.

Thank you for reading. Now go shopping or wish listing, and most of all, have fun! ;)


Hair - :::Phoenix::: - InWorld / Marketplace / Website / Facebook / Flickr
(rigged mesh, breast size and fitted mesh
with optional bounce physic layer)
Hairology Now !!
More info about the Event HERE

Eyes - Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Lake Shadow)

Top - Slipper Originals - InWorld Marketplace
Sonia FP - (wearing Physique fit)
Click to Enlarge Ad

Jeans - REDGRAVE - Snow Jeans LQM

.:KC:. Couture - EXODUS HEELS

Jewelry - !IT! (Indulge Temptation) - InWorld Marketplace / Website
Enchanted Roses Rings
Roselle Necklace 4 & Earrings
Swank - until April 30th!!

Hair Accessory - !IT! (Indulge Temptation) - InWorld Marketplace / Website
Lilac Passion 21
YouGatcha Event Now !!

Poses - Eternal Dream Poses - InWorld Marketplace Facebook
Octavia 5, 6

Lighting - LUMIPro 2016

Location - Eclectica

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