Boho-Chic Is The Way to Go

A little Boho goes a long, beautiful way.

This month at Swank, it's Boho-Chic!  If you're uncertain what this style actually is, it's a mix of Bohemian and Hippie influences spawned around 2005.  Really though, I think this fun mix has been around since the late 60's, with a dash of the 50's tossed in, through the 70's, 80's and on up.  Think flower child with some amazing textures.  

I'm wearing two items at Swank currently: (1) ALANTORI hair (Emma); and oh my, what's this? (2) Swank&Co.'s top & pants set called Free Spirit - VIBES Special Edition.  Adonis Lubomir created this?  Wow!  Super cute hair, super cute outfit.  I'm on my Boho way in style.
(Paperdolls using {NANTRA} - Paparazzi Poses)

My jewelry is by IDEALIA, both items found currently in the store.  The ISA set, consisting of necklace(s) - plural - and Lea Bracelets, lend perfectly to my Boho look.  I will wear and blog these more - they are versatile, so!  You need them.  Nodding.

I wanted to say a blurb about my Mosquito's Way Sarah Boots.  Or Sandals, if you will.  When these were initially released, I was uncertain about them, kind of doing a head tilt while staring at the ad.  Hmm, not my style, will I like them.  I bypassed to think about later.  When I put on the Free Spirit top and pants, I thought I'd give the boots a try.  I was unsure if they'd even work with the outfit - the pants have a little cuff at the bottom.  I LOVE being proven wrong.  These are sooooo cute!  And they fit perfectly over the pant cuffs, nothing poking out.  I doubted my favorite shoe maker.  Hanging head in shame.

Don't forget to pick up your Secret Poses Sunglasses set at the Unik Event until April 28th.  They're adorbs.  Yes, I said adorbs.  That means they're their own kind of adorable.  I put "they're" and "their" in the same sentence.  I'm so Boho-Chic AND grammatically correct.  

Happy shopping!


ALANTORI - Emma Hair

Swank&Co. - Free Spirit - VIBES Special Edition
Top & Pants

♥ ♥ ♥
Swank - April Round
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< IDEALIA > - ISA Necklace & Earrings
< IDEALIA > - Lea Bracelets
w/Texture Huds
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More Store Info:

Mosquito's Way - Sarah Boots
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More Store Info:

Secret Poses - Sunglasses, Pose 4
Unik Event until April 28th
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More Store Info:

*Lode* - Head Accessory - Vanilla Single [original]
Izzie's - Baby Hairs Hairbase LAQ-Omega
Lara Hurley - Jill Applier/Skin (Catwa)
.euphoric ~Dolly Babe Eyes Applier (Catwa)
A R T E - Natural Lashes (Catwa Bento)
Izzie's Dimples (Catwa)
Catwa Catya Bento Head/Rigged Eyes
Maitreya Lara Body/Hands-Bento/Feet

Location - Mystic Timbers

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