Z.O.E. At The Spring Flair Event

Z.O.E. introduces the She Shed Shade as an exclusive at the Spring Flair event!  This adorable little build is compact and exudes charm.  It was definitely created with care in the details.  You will also find the Floral Print Spring Lights and Corner Shelves for even more charm.  Additional pics below.

Z.O.E. - She Shed Shade - Exclusive
Z.O.E. - Floral Print Spring Lights - Promo
Z.O.E. - Corner Shelves - Promo
Spring Flair until April 25th
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

All building and decor items were created by Z.O.E.  Once you pick up the event items, take time to visit the main store too.  It is always a delight to see Z.O.E. creations.

Large She Shed Frame
Fireplace with Candles - Light

Boho Quilting Cabinet

She Shed Curtain
Neutrals She Shed Rug
Potted Hydrangea White
She Shed Garden Table

Lounging Ottoman - Light 1

On The Shelves:
Square Picture Frame - Bunnies, Kitties, Puppies
Vases & Candles Decor
Happy Valentines Bear - Red


The Looking Glass - Daisies and Ladybirds Ground Cover

Location - My Home

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