Dictatorshop At Swank

The Dictatorshop is showcasing at Swank this month, come see the Vindustria Bathroom Collection.  All animations depicted are part of the tub package.

This esteemed store has long been in the business of enhancing our romantic interludes.  Whether you prefer the Adult or PG versions, you'll want to add these to your home collection. 

Dictatorshop Vindustria Clawfoot Bathtub,
Toilet, Pedestal Sink, Mirror, Radiator
Adult/PG, Lots of Animations/Texture Change
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

Those that roleplay in a specific adult mind frame already know the benefits of owning Dictatorshop furniture.  But the pieces are also for sweet vanilla play; don't be afraid!  ;)  During events there are discounts so now is a good time to buy.

Sometimes, there is nothing nicer than a cuddle soak with that special someone.  Enjoy the connection.

Salacity Creations - Framed Art Vintage Rose

Asian Marsh Red Rug by Lunaria

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