Fallview Gacha From Raindale

Is it possible time for The Arcade has rolled around again?  It is!  And you'll find another lovely Raindale set there, from September 1st through 30th.  This is the Fallview Gacha Set, and it's a complete collection of wonderful bedroom items.  I have a loft area at my home and it plentifully filled the space.  Fallview is cozy, perfect for a cabin or create a bed-and-breakfast area.  A texture change hud is included.  Enjoy the closeness of the animations....

Happy shopping!


Raindale - Fallview Gacha Set
The Arcade Sept 1-30
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More Store Info:

Salacity - Glass Orb Bookends w/books

Navajo - Teddy Bear RARE
(Search Navajo - Valentine's Day on MP for available Gacha resales)

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