No Clear Skies If I Lose You, Every Day It Will Rain

I'll never be your mother's favorite
Your daddy can't even look me in the eye
Ooh if I was in their shoes, I'd be doing the same thing
Sayin there goes my little girl
Walkin' with that troublesome guy

But they're just afraid of something they can't understand
Ooh but little darlin' watch me change their minds
Yea for you I'll try I'll try I'll try I'll try
I'll pick up these broken pieces 'til I'm bleeding
If that'll make you mine

'Cause there'll be no sunlight
If I lose you, baby
There'll be no clear skies
If I lose you, baby
Just like the clouds
My eyes will do the same, if you walk away
Everyday it will rain

               ~~ It Will Rain, Bruno Mars


Bliensen + MaiTai - Mirage Earrings (Silver)

Baetik : Leena Gown

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August 19th through September 18th
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