Enchantment - Siren Call Of The Lady Of The Lake

Nimue, the "Lady of the Lake" of King Arthur legends and lore, was neither truly good nor was she bad.  Many believed she was Celtic goddess by origin.  Tales were spun and more often many wonderments of why she believed Arthur should rule.  But indeed she did.  I think she selected him and was instrumental in all thing that came to pass.  She certainly "called" to Arthur from the deep depths of the lake to return Excalibur to him, that which he had lost.  And again lost was Arthur as he gazed into her eyes.  Nimue with her siren's call; he had no other choice but to answer.  Would he use the power of Excalibur to right the world and be true King?


.EscalateD. - Skye V1 Hair, Texture Options/Style Hud

RITUAL - Elspeth Skin - Nimue

:::c*C*c::: - Elaine Dress Blue w/Overskirt

{NANTRA} - The Lady of the Lake, Pose 1 w/prop

HILTED - Falcon in Flight (Animesh Wearable)

[Puke Rainbows] - Sparkling Moonlight

LOVE - Medieval Magic Fountain (Fairy Dust)
LOVE - Ground Cover Ivy (Seasonal Options)

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Theme - KING ARTHUR - Until September 1st
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GENUS Project - Genus Bento Head CLASSIC Face
Maitreya Lara Body/Hands-Bento/Feet

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