Enchantment - Merlina's Evil Plan

Merlina, Merlin's sister, as opposed to Merlin's useless assistant palmed in her hand, was quite busy with potions and spells and whatnot.  Her antics were relatively harmless.  That is, until the day she concocted a spell that she tested on a rabbit.  Shockingly, it turned tiny bunny into KILLER BUNNY!  She spelled several rabbits, setting them loose to cause havoc in the realm of Camelot.  If bitten by the KILLER BUNNIES, the Knights of the Round Table would contract rabies and be as useless as Merlin's useless assistant, still palmed in her hand, during their search for the Holy Grail.  Who could stop Merlina in her evil plan???


irrISIStible - Merlina Witch Outfit

Noxturnal - The Killer Bunny of Enchantment (Gacha)
#3 (I rezzed more, but they scared me!)

~JJ~ (Jeanette's Joint) - Merlin's Useless Assistant
(He talked to me the whole time I was working.)

MOoH! - The Wizard's Den (Gacha)

+Dreamcatcher+ - Old Curtains w/Hud

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RITUAL - Elspeth Skin - Natural Tones

GENUS Project - Genus Bento Head CLASSIC Face
Maitreya Lara Body/Hands-Bento/Feet

{NANTRA} - O Fortuna, Pose 6

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