Enchantment - The Mystery of the White Stag

       "It's been said we must all enter the forest at a place of our own choosing.  In this way, the hero's journey may begin.  In other words, we self-initiate when we accept our role as the hero in our own life and begin to quest for our purpose. We must seek our destiny.

    Through-out Celtic mythology, the hero's journey begins unexpectedly with the sudden appearance of a magnificent white stag.  Often the hero is somewhere he should not be when the stag appears.  He may be poaching in the royal forest or trysting with a maiden already betrothed.

    The adventure begins when the pale stag rises from the misty bog or leaps through the trysting grotto.  The creature's eyes lock on the hero's.  He tosses his head crowned with antlers.  The glove is thrown.  The hero abandons his bow and quiver or the quivering maiden and bounds after the leaping stag.

    Deep in the verdant wood, the stag rears and wheels by a spring, over grown with ferns, trickling over water worn stones. As quick as he appeared, the stag disappears leaping fallen trees.

    The hero kneels to drink from the spring and spies a thin crystal chalice attached by a fine gold chain to a woody fern.  The quality of both the chalice and the chain, he's never seen before. Surely these belong to another world, other airy beings he's only heard of round the smoking fire.  What if he drinks from this holy cup?  What if he takes both the cup and the chain? 

    He wonders to himself, what sort of pilgrim is he and what will become of him?"



Jinx : White Stag Battle Gacha

Raindale - Emeloth Gazebo (moss), Sword in the Stone

Fashiowl - Ginebra - Poses w/Props

!!Firelight!! - Daphanie Hair, Princess Tiara

[Aleutia] - Guinevere Gown w/Shawl

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RITUAL - Elspeth Skin - Natural Tones
.euphoric ~Giselle Eyes Applier (Genus)
toksik - Lashes (Genus Applier)
GENUS Project - Genus Bento Head CLASSIC Face
Maitreya Lara Body/Hands-Bento/Feet

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