A Mermaid's Contemplation of Legs

The Boardwalk Event is underway for its third round with wonderful furniture, decor and poses with backgrounds and props for your shopping pleasure.  Make a point to stop in once, twice, thrice before event end on April 15th!

.:Tm Creation:. offers the Spring Moments Nature Scene during the event.  This is another exceedingly charming landscaping build from this creator, with flowering plants and decor to delight.  I'm using one of the animations included.  One might ask hey, how did this suddenly become a fashion post!?!  With pretty animations like this, it's easy to integrate.

Sn@tch goodies are also waiting at the store.  The riot venders include the outfit pieces.  And. And. AND! Fish 4 This is the HAIR GRAB BAG 2019!  There are 1, 2, 3, 4, 25! hairstyles to collect.  

To where I watch on the yellow sands,
And they pluck sweet music with sea-cold hands.

They bring me coral and amber clear.
But when the stars in heaven appear,

Their music ceases, they glide away.
They swim for their grottos across the bay.

Then listen only to my shrill tune,
the surfy tide, and the wondering moon.

                    ~~The Sea Maid, Arthur Rackham

Happy shopping!


.:Tm Creation:. - [Spring Moments] Nature Scene
Boardwalk Event until April 15th
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More Store Info:
InWorld / Marketplace Facebook / Flickr

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The Boardwalk Event
March 15th until April 15th
InWorld Facebook Flickr
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 :::Sn@tch::: - Isla Hair
Fish 4 This - HAIR GRAB BAG 2019!
 :::Sn@tch::: - Bumper Scarf Top
 :::Sn@tch::: - Treasure Cutoffs
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More Store Info:

Face/Body Details HERE in previous blog

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