Relax, Kick Your Shoes Off Baby

Relax, kick your shoes off baby
Relax, here we are alone
Relax, if the phone rings, let it
Just forget it, we're not at home

Cut loose, let your hair down honey
Unwind, turn the lights down low
Relax, let's uncork the stopper
Come to papa, come on let's go

Defrost, your charms
There's only the two of us here
Come in my arms
And make yourself comfortable dear

              ~~ Relax, Elvis Presley

Darlin', you can kick off your blue suede shoes while you sing those tunes, but I'm perfectly happy right here with my book.  ;)

Happy Boardwalk shopping!


DIGS - Carriveau Bedroom Set (Adult)
Boardwalk Event until April 15th

Eclectic - Pumpkin Pouf (texture change/animations)
Eclectic - Dripping Vases
Boardwalk Event until April 15th

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The Boardwalk Event
March 15th until April 15th
InWorld Facebook Flickr
* * * * * *

Heart Designs - Tiled Jar with Bamboo

kaerri - Floral Orb

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