The Doctor Is In

Even in the midst of a sprawling metropolis, it's nice to find an Urgent Care Center when you need medical care.  I think of urgent care when you would probably go to your doctor's office for treatment, but you shouldn't or just don't want to wait for the next available appointment.  Of course, it's not for serious emergencies; please dial "911" if obviously life threatening!

DBHomes has released its impressive Urgent Care Center at The Boardwalk Event.  This will make a great addition to any neighborhood or roleplay sim.

Upon entering, the waiting room is cheery with a check-in window and sign in sheet.  Be sure to sign in, and have your cards ready.  The blinds close too.

There is a realistic feel to the build setup.  

Staff can use the Employees Only entrance door.

Who is going to be the receptionist?  The area is comfortable for work, and your smiling face will be a welcome sight at the window for incoming patients.

Maybe a receptionist and a nurse working in the front staff room?

What a cute pic on the wall.  This will help put patients at ease.

On to the exam rooms!

One is the blue suite, the other green.  That makes things easy - which patient is where!

One can definitely get their vision checked here.

The furniture and decor are included - enough to lend exactly to the roleplay idea, but leaving space for your own additions for a unique experience.

Whispers:  I'm partial to the green suite, and made these pics bigger, lol.

Whew, I hope I've done this build justice because it's pretty darn cool.  Happy shopping!  And roleplaying.


DBHomes - Urgent Care Center
Original mesh, 280 prims total, w/rezzer
Boardwalk Event until April 15th

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The Boardwalk Event
March 15th until April 15th
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Salacity - Picnic Table - Work in Progress

Car - Viper by Janus (black)

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