A'Crafting We Will Go

The KTN Creators Festival starts March 5th through the 12th. Time to stroll through another wonderful event to see what the creators are offering us! The Festival was put together for two reasons: to support the Tibetan Education Fund (http://www.tibetaneducationfund.org), and to assist Kushi Vyper after her KTN Hud disappeared with its developer in RL, leaving her in a state of financial quandry. So support time, come to the Festival!

My lovely Protta dress is made by Beauty and Mirrors, and is available at the Festival. It is made in standard mesh sizes and is figure flattering. I am wearing a size Small with my Maitreya body, and the alpha hud made tweaking unnecessary.

I'm wearing my BySage Petra Heels by Lavian&Co, this time with the Metal Print Add-On. These are for Slink High feet. The heels are available at the Jewelry & Accessory Expo but only until March 5th!

Did you notice the material bolts in the first pic and the lovely texture in the pic above? They are created by Kushi Textures! Such gorgeous colors. I have included Kushi's ad textures below for more information.

Here are Zoz's gorgeous nails called Spring Gold Unique. You can find these at Cosmopolitan until March 12th. Fit options are for Slink, Maitreya and Zoz Mesh - if you wear the Slink, there is also an "off nail" hud, which I have used to show you the different polish on one nail! Isn't that cool?

Finally, below are the Creators Festival Exclusives by Beauty and Mirrors - the Star Set consisting of earrings and nose piercing. Tiny little gold treasures! They are really cute.


[monso] My Hair - Lea_M

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Lake Shadow)

Beauty and Mirrors @ KTN Creators Festival - March 5th through 12th !!
Protta Dress - Simple Blue (Standard Mesh Sizing)
Star Set - Earrings, Nose Piercing - Exclusives

Kushi Textures - @ KTN Creators Festival - March 5th through 12th !!
Busy Paisley and Gilt Moods (Fabric Textures)
Click to Enlarge
 Busy Paisley:
(Auction Item- will be auctioned once each day during the festival)
Silk print from India featuring overlapping colourful paisley design plus matching silk solids for coordinating. Specular and normal maps are included.

Click to Enlarge
Gilt Moods:
(Exclusive for duration of the festival)
Black silk woven with metallic gilt threads forming a pattern combining flowers, paisley shaped leaves and spots. Comes in silver on black with colour variations in flowers, gold on black with colour variations in flowers, and solid silk coordinates (one additional included in black silk to match all decorative variations). Specular and normal maps are also included in the pack.

Lavian&Co - BySage Petra Heels (Slink High)
Metals Print Add-On
The Jewelry & Accessory Expo through March 5th !!

Zoz Nails - Spring Gold Unique (or Spring Silver Unique)
Slink (w/extra "off nail" hud), Maitreya & Zoz Mesh
@ Cosmopolitan through March 12th !!

[what next] - Mimi's Mannequin (with poses)
 Mimi Picture Frames

Lighting:  LUMIPro 2016

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