Butterfly Bedroom Set by OTB!

Recently I was chatting with Kasslina Moonglow, owner of Outside the Box! She asked if I had any suggestions for future releases. I said butterflies!

To my delight, she was already working on a bedroom set! How perfect is that for the first day of spring?

This is Outside the Box's Butterfly Set, bringing the beauty of nature inside. The bed includes animations in PG or Adult versions. String lights adorn the headboard and and run along the floor on each side.

The hanging plant cage also contains butterflies.

The accompanying phone table has a matching cushion and sit animations.

And just look at the lovely butterflies!

Outside the Box, designed by Kasslina Moonglow, is a growing interior design studio that brings you furniture and decor that is at once, whimsical and modern: a fresh new look for your home. Imagine an eclectic blend of antique finds, contemporary designs, and treasures found in an aunt's attic, all whirled together with a special eye for detail. Add in touches of humor and whimsy and you get the idea for the creative force behind Outside the Box. Whole rooms, or just that one piece that finishes a room, you'll find it all, at Outside the Box. 

Outside the Box! - InWorld
OTB! Butterfly Bed-PG
OTB! Phone Table
OTB! Caged Butterflies - Plant Version
OTB! Caged Butterflies

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