The Magician's Assistant

Did you ever want to be a magician when you were little? I wanted to be the magician's assistant. The beautiful girl who posed, in a lovely, sexy outfit. She would look out into the audience so poised and confident. The magician would be Tony Curtis as Houdini, in my young girl fantasies. Ever so handsome and considerate to his assistant while performing his feats of magic! The audience would oooh and ahhh in wonder. I wanted to be the assistant, well, right up until that sawing in half thing. Pass!

So before that part of the entertainment (ha), I'm wearing !Bougie!'s lovely Amerie dress. This applier outfit is available at the mainstore. As in the advertisement pic, I then HAD to go to the Whore Couture event and pick up Empire's Azalea Heels. Isn't the dress and heels combo perfect? How clever a dress design!

My poses are by {Nantra}, a fun set right in line with my magician's assistant fantasies, called Sleight of Hand. These can be found at the Oneword event. Props come with the set so you can perform your own magic show!

Here's another shot of ZOZ's Watercolor Polish, featured at Cosmopolitan. They're gorgeous. Not-so-subliminal message: you need them.


Vanity Hair: Miss Fisher

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Lake Shadow)

!BOUGIE! - InWorld  / Facebook
Marketplace:  Clothes & Shoes, -or- Tats & Makeup
AMERIE DRESS - Black (Applier & Skirt Panel)

Heels - #EMPIRE - Azalea

-{ZOZ}- Watercolor Polish (slink) Hud
Slink, Maitreya, Omega & Zoz Mesh
Cosmopolitan through March 26th !!

Poses - {NANTRA} - Sleight of Hand Set
2M, 3M w/Wand Prop, 5 w/Card Toss Props
@ Oneword Event until March 31st !!

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