Happiness is a Way of Life

This pleasing set of home furnishing/decor is by Serenity Style, named Ly One Way Shelf. It's available at the GEN-Neutral Event. My original goal when starting work on this post was to practice combining items in a room setting. I've seen wonderful posts by far more experienced bloggers, capturing mood, the perfect lighting and many items for a complete picture. But when I finished the above pic, I was pretty darn happy with it! The shelf and accompanying decor is a picturesque standalone of beautiful work by Serenity Style. Can you think of ways to add it to your own home furnishings?

Serenity Style - Ly One Way Shelf

I've had this lovely outfit to blog for some time (abashed expression) from my sweet designer friend at Whymsical Marketplace. Considering it often, I wasn't dreaming up what I felt was the right setting, the right pose to show off the beauty of the clothing...things just weren't coming together in my head. So I would pass on it and work on other things. But when I read the wall hanging with this furniture, "Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life," suddenly I knew that I wanted to blog the outfit! This is Whymsical Marketplace's Scheherazade. There is an adult version of it too, oooh. The set includes the silk skirt and anklets for Slink High feet.

What totally fit in my head at that moment is, happiness really should be our way of life. If I want to dance around my living room in beautiful jewelry and silks, in real life OR Second Life, and it doesn't hurt anyone, well, I should! You should! Find what makes you happy. And you know, especially in Second Life, which is either an extension or escape from reality, why on earth would we be doing things that do not make us happy? 

Here are some closeup's of Chop Zuey's gorgeous jewelry set, Seventh Heaven in blue. The set includes necklace, earrings, bracelet and bindi. Truly such gorgeousness.

And below, is a pic of Zoz's Watercolor Tips polish. Yes, I really do love these. Little things in life make me happy too!

Poses used are by Verocity, from the Camille set. Verocity Poses are well constructed and the price is always right! In the credits below, I have also included the direct link to the marketplace item.

Have you found your happiness way of life?  


Hair - Tukinowaguma - Dolores - InWorld

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Lake Shadow)

Whymsical Marketplace - InWorld / Marketplace
Includes appliers for classic and mesh avies, silk skirt and anklets (Slink High)

Seventh Heaven - Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet and Bindi
Includes Hud w/Texture Change & Resizing

-{ZOZ}- Watercolor Polish (slink) Hud
Slink, Maitreya, Omega & Zoz Mesh
Cosmopolitan through March 26th !!

Pose - Verocity - InWorld Marketplace Website

Lighting:  LUMIPro 2016

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