MadPea Pet Friends Fair - He'll Grow Into It

Raindale has released the Pawbell Hall Tree.  This is a fantastic cabinet with a seat and poses, which can be rezzed with full decor, or without if you want to add your own.  You'll find this very special piece waiting for you at MadPea's Pet Lovers Fair.  My beagle pup is a bit on tippy paws to reach his water bowl, but he'll grow into it.  ;)

My outfit?  Well that's the subject of my next post!

Happy pet shopping!


Raindale - Pawbell Hall Tree
With or Without Decor Items
MadPea Pet Friends Fair June 30th - July 20th
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More Store Info:

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June 30th - July 20th
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JIAN Beagle Pup (Held Version)

Outside The Box! - Plant Trio (Store closed)

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