Press Release - Vintage Fair 2019

Tomorrow, June 7th, is (drumroll) THE DAY.  The day that Vintage Fair 2019 begins!  Curl your hair, put on your cateye glasses and do the mash potato down to the event starting at NOON SLT. 

This event is presented by Pale Girl Productions and the sim builder, Schultz Bros.  (You've GOT to come out at least once, I want to LIVE on the event sim as decorated, omg!)   Event sponsors:  Taox Tattoo,  LAQ,  Euphoric, Borough of Abingdon, The Annex, Entice, Hair SL, and The Trunk Show. There are over 160 designers, delighting us with vintage creations.  Pick a pre-80's decade; you're going to find a cornucopia of marvelous things!  I look forward to this event every year.
More info and maps following.  Important notes also below - please do NOT read.
Happy vintage shopping!

  • The events sims are PG - appropriate coverage, people.  
  • Complexity under 50,000 for the first weekend.


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