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Lots of pretty pinks and reds for Valentine's Day! This post features Ds'Elles, Lamb, Persefona, .Sass., Slipper Originals, and Flippant!

First up is Ds'Elles. Poses in the first 3 pics are all from Ds'Elles Ondine Pose Set. The set is packed in a stand which can be shown or hidden by chat command. It includes mirror poses as well.

Even more from Ds'Elles. From my head to my toes I'm "skinned" in Ds'Elles! This is an adorable freckle applier for CatWa mesh heads, atop the Rose CatWa head applier by Ds'Elles. My eyes are by Ds'Elles. My skin is by Ds'Elles! As you might guess, I urge to go to Ds'Elles where your window-shopping will become more. I'm still having an out of body (or head, as the case may be) experience with my CatWa head, but I must say, I love Ds'Elles creations with it!

Here is one texture from a nail applier by Flippant, just in time for Valentine's Day. It's called Heart Shine, isn't that sweet? Have you been to the Flippant store lately? Great stuff and great prices, don't miss 'em!

Beautifully color coordinating is my hair accessory by Persefona. This is the Jenny Wreath in Fushcia. You'll find Jenny now at the Color Me Project. I adore Persefona's hair wreaths and accessories!

This is V-day romper by .Sass.! It's an applier for Classic & Omega. Pink, red and white, it's dripping in lovely Valentine colors. I'm wearing it outdoors. It's also cute for lingerie, or pop some jeans or a skirt with it and wear it as a figuring hugging top.

Here's more of Slipper Original's Tawny Sandals! I get to show off Flippant's nail polish on my toesies with these cute sandals.


ROSE (Catwa Head Applier) - Neva Skintone
FRECKLES Appliers for Catwa Head
Skin ALINE - NEVA, Maitreya Applier - Neva Skintone

Hair:  Lamb. - Love Fade

Persefona - Jenny Wreath (fuchsia)

V-day romper [circle hearts}
for Classic & Omega appliers

Slipper Originals - InWorld Marketplace
Tawny Sandals (Slink Flat or Maitreya)
100% original mesh

Heart Shine Nail Applier (Slink)

Also Wearing:
^;^CaTwA^;^ HEAD JessicaMaitreya Lara body, Slink hands & feet (flat)

Lighting:  LUMIPro 2016

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