Winter Boudoir

Into my winter boudoir I go where it's crisp and cool, and so sensual a fire will ignite.  :-)

My necklace and earrings is by Zuri Jewelry, the set called Mystic Moon. It is an elite version with versatile color options. There is also a match belly jewel, sold separately. This set is a gorgeous fashion statement!

I was delighted last night to find a subscribe gift of hair from enVOGUE waiting for me. This is Lauren. She is sweet, with medium length tresses flowing over the right shoulder. We can show off an earring with this style. 

!Black Swan! has been busy. This formal gown (slash-boudoir lingerie!) is called Art of Seduction. It wears well, fitted with sizing from classic through most mesh body options. It is definitely figure fitting, with some almost-spillage at the cleavage to easily keep attention on you, and flares down into a full-length trumpet skirt. Certainly not to be boxed into only one style, but I think it whispers Mistress with reverence. 


enVOGUE HAIR - Lauren - Subscriber GIFT

Mayfly - InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Twilight Sea Shadow)

! Black Swan !  - Inworld / Marketplace
Art of Seduction Gown

Zuri Jewelry - InWorld / Website / Facebook
Mystic Moon Necklace, Earrings Elite

Poses:  UNiQ PhaZe - Innocent Emo 2, 5
GEN-Neutral Now !!

Lighting:  LUMIPro 2016

LOCATION:  Boudoir

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