Urban Catwoman

She perches on her stoop, awaiting a cab, looking more like an urban catwoman than a commuting working girl.

I can't say enough good things about Morea Style's Gina outfit, so I'll let the pic do most of the talking. Gina comes with the jewelry, flexi and prim at wrists and ankles to give it a polished, finished look, and the matching purse. It wears and walks well, even dances well, but you might want to put down the purse for any dancing.

I picked up David Heather's Holiday Sunglasses in Silver last night during 50L Fridays sale at his store. 

*Kate* has released these lovely wardrobe-coordinating heels, Stud Straps Shoes, for Slink Mid Feet. They are available in 9 colors. I actually prefer mid heels sometimes, particularly with the pant length of this outfit. They give the impression that I'm fashion conscious, but really COULD run around all day in these. ;)

Here's something that's really something.  Image Essentials created The Stoop. It's a prop with poses, and I'm sure you'll see it used a lot. This would be great for home use as well! Don't we all love to take pics? The Stoop will be released for Project Limited, running from January 10-24. Only 150 will be sold, priced at 300Ls. It can be gussied up all sorts of ways - add plants/flowers, other props, plenty of ways to give it life for pic scenes. I can't wait to see what other bloggers do with it, there are far more experienced bloggers than me, and I will enjoy seeing all the creativity!



Morea Style - InWorld Marketplace / Website
GINA Black/Red, includes Classic & Appliers Top/Pants,
Mesh & Fitted Mesh Sweater w/Flexi Ruffled Wrists, Pant Cuffs,
Necklace, Earrings & Purse

David Heather - Holiday Sunglasses/Silver
50L Fridays 01/01/16

*Kate* - Inworld / Marketplace
Stud Straps Shoes (Slink Mid)

Image Essentials - The Stoop (b) - Pose 2
@ Project Limited January 10-24 !!!
Only 150 will be sold, 300Ls
(will update LM when event starts)

Lighting:  LUMIPro 2016

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