Walk a Mile in My Shoes Hunt

I'm excited to be blogging the Walk a Mile in my Shoes Hunt! The event runs the whole month of February, from the 1st through the 29th. I have included a link at the END of this post for the website. Tonight the landmarks and hints go up to start you on your journey tomorrow! The hunt items are only 10Ls each.  10Ls !!!!

But first, I'm wearing a new tank dress by Tooty Fruity. Isn't it adorable? It comes in standard mesh sizes, a multi-color hud, and you can find it at the store, see credits below. Now that I'm decently and ever so cutely clothed, on with the hunt items!

Hello Dave contributes to the event with this beautiful nail polish hud for Slink! This is just one of the colors on the hud. The textures are rich, making a perfect manicure for your stylish looks! And only 10Ls !! The polish, of course, works on our tiny toes too.

This pose by Le Poppycock is fabulous! I will absolutely be shopping there for more poses now that I've seen this one. This is Smell the Roses. The pose comes with the stool, scattered bouquet, Siamese cat and long stemmed red rose. Play the pose inworld, and add the props. What a lovely contribution to the hunt! And for how much? That's right, 10Ls !!

Shoes! Here they are! These are contributed by Howl at the Moon and are fabulous! They fit Slink High feet. Heels for 10Ls, ladies. They're worth a bit of searching!

More in forthcoming posts! Happy hunting.


TRUTH HAIR -  Acadia
@ Uber

Tooty Fruity - InWorld Marketplace / Facebook
Tank Dress (Standard Mesh) w/Colorchange Hud

Hello Dave - WAMIMS Nail Polish Hud (Slink)
Walk a Mile in my Shoes Hunt!

Le Poppycock - *Smell the Roses* Pose w/Props
Scattered Bouquet, Stool, Siamese Cat, Single Stem Rose
Walk a Mile in my Shoes Hunt!

Howl at the Moon - Walk a mile Hunt Gift
Heels - Slink High
Walk a Mile in my Shoes Hunt!

STANDING POSE: Verocity - InWorld Marketplace Website
Eve 2

Lighting:  LUMIPro 2016

Walk a Mile in my Shoes Hunt !!

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