Dinner Romantique

Hi everyone! Have we sufficiently recovered from the holidays? It was a RL whirl of activity for me, and the same held true in SL! My sponsors were certainly cranking out the goodies, and I'm not recovered from that yet. They are now in full-tilt production for January and beyond! What's a blogger to do? :p Of course, that means so many wonderful things for you to consider adding to your collections, to share and experience in SL with your loved one.

This post includes a gorgeous, COUPLE pack from Virtual Diva, an exclusive now at Swank! I have also included a wonderful and tender new dining table from Chez Moi.

Vita Mia is an exclusive couple pack from Virtual Diva, available now at the Swank Event. The color is RED in the most romantic way. The ladies' formal gown has a system top & bottom, with a skirt and long train, and an overlay and add-ons of roses. Also included is a men's mesh suit that is transferrable! Share the romance with your sweetie and take lots of wonderful pics for your scrapbook! Valentine's Day is not far away....

Chez Moi's Romantique Dinner set is indeed romantic, and quite beautiful! It includes animations and rezzables to make your couple time memorable. The above pic shows rezzables of roses, a candle, and place settings. What a lovely way to start out an evening of sharing! Below are pics of just two meal rezzables; there are several very realistic ones from which to choose for your food preference.

I placed the build inside Kaerri's Faded Wood Pergola and used Kaerri's (Surge) Cement Urn Planters 5 to give you a bit more perspective of the build, and complimentary decoration. Chez Moi's build lends itself to many beautiful decor ideas. Dress it up, dress it down, you will spend wonderful time with that special person guaranteed!

 Sharing a glass with my sweetheart as we recount our days and relax.

Well, perhaps getting closer is a great idea. All poses in this post are animations provided in the Chez Moi's Romantique Dinner release.

Nuzzles and kisses. Much better.

Sweets for the sweet? ;)

Ahh, what a way to spend an evening.


Virtual Diva - Vita Mia - Couple Outfit Pack
Exclusive Design
Includes Gown w/Rose Add-Ons, and Suit for the Gentlemen! (transfer)
@ Swank Event Now !!!

SUGARUSH SKIN - InWorld Marketplace Website
Mabel - Bronze

Hair:  NO.MATCH_NO.REASON. (w/ flower add-on)

* CHEZ MOI FURNITURES * - InWorld Website / Facebook
Romantique Dinner

Kaerri - Faded Wood Pergola & (Surge) Cement Urn Planters 5

Lighting:  LUMIPro 2016

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