The Firestorm Project

My SL viewer of choice is Firestorm. Upon login, I read that Firestorm needs assistance for their operating costs, and I clicked the link. 

The lowest form of assistance is buying this Firestorm jacket for only 250Ls! The marketplace store link is below. We can offer higher help as well, and please do if you can afford it. But so many of us can part with 250Ls, and get a cool jacket, that the help will add up! The jackets are available for men and women, and come with a Hud including several jacket color options, with/without a shirt, and also with/without the logo.

Every year, Firestorm gives us free gifts.  Every year, Firestorm updates the viewer giving us better and better options for exploring our Second Life world.  You totally rock, Firestorm!

Won't you join me in helping when they need us?  :-)


The Firestorm Project - Marketplace

Woman's Firestorm Branded Leather Jacket - 250L Sponsorship

enVOGUE HAIR - Miriam

Blueberry / Tink Jeans

REIGN.- Mishi Thigh High Boots

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